10 Stacked Bob Haircuts for The Style This Year

stacked bob

 Stacked bob hairstyle is the talk of the town right now and for all good reasons. Regardless of the style you choose, whether super short, short, long or the one with fringes, you will look like a real diva, trust me.

Also called graduated bob, stacked bob is the right way to utilise layers to get voluminous, rounded shape haircut. Though this haircut was popular even in the 60s, what has made it remain the darling for many women is its magic. Experiencing no bad days is the real magic, right ladies? Take a look at these stacked bob haircuts for your inspiration.

    1. Highlight and Layer

Since we are not all blessed with thick and lengthy hair, most of us understand the problems with thin hair. However, thanks to this stacked bob we can now style our thin hair effortless and solve most of these thin hair problems. It incorporates a lot of dimension and volume. To add more texture and depth, you can opt for highlights.

    2. Blonde and Strong

To rock this style, keep everything blonde and shoulder length long. Stunning deep blonde hair hue offers this stacked bob haircut the sophistication that is unmatched by any other existing stacked haircut. It is an ideal style to go from the office setting to Friday night out.

    3. High ‘End’

Incorporating lots of volume on your parietal section of the head offers you the best impact. Opt for straightening of the remaining strands to focus more attention on the size. This is an ideal hairstyle for women looking to go bold all day through.

    4.Curl Up and Stack Up

Is your hair curly and wondering how to make it look beautiful? Don’t worry you beauties out there. We haven’t forgotten about you. This style is meant explicitly meant for you, so you can see how your curls appear beautiful in the bob. The asymmetry incorporates a great oomph to the whole look. The side fringe, well, is an excellent inclusion in this style. Curls are a great solution if you have thin hair.

    5.Purple Bob

This is the right choice for the lovers of purple shades. Incorporate it in short stacked bob and see how gorgeous you will look. This is also a great hairstyle for women with thin hair. The bob is effortless to maintain, and you can choose from unlimited variations available.

    6.Best of Both

Sometimes things go south, and you get confused whether to choose between light or dark. The good news is that sometimes you can rock both worlds and look beautiful-you don’t have to choose either of the two. Choose the majority of striking colours and add some purple splash or do the opposite. Basically, short stacked bob is ever neat.

    7.Purple or Pink?

Waves and asymmetry make a great combination for an elegant hairstyle. And if you want to show love? You can’t go wrong with purple and pink or green and blue whichever the colour combination makes sure that you incorporate some shades in your hairdo.

    8.Bouncy and Fluffy

This is suitable hairstyle for ladies with straight and voluminous strands. This stacked bob enables you to create a fluffy look on your hair.

The look is exciting and ideal for office and keeps you looking gorgeous all the time. Is that not what most women are looking for? Definitely, it is.

    9.Maintain It Simple, Silly!

Yes, we have said it, maintain it simple, lady! This is yet another short-stacked bob haircut that incorporates minimal layers. Subtle side fringes with shaded layers entirely complete the look. Try this gorgeous style and use a makeover for an impact. Sometimes, it is the most straightforward styles that pave the way for a new trend.

    10.Side Swept

Side sweep this short-stacked bob haircut to boost the volume of your hair. And if you want a beautiful and neat cut, opt for a simple bob haircut. Ensure that you side sweep it and apply colours on your hair like canvas. You can choose any colour of the art you prefer most.

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