10 Rumors We Confirmed About Royèl During The Premiere of His New Web Series, Starcrushed

We were given the opportunity to stream the first episode of Mitchell Royèl’s sci-fi web series before it
premieres on Monday. We can’t reveal much, but we did put together a list of rumors we were able to
confirm about the artist during the premiere of the show.

1. Mitchell Royèl Has A Sexy Speaking Voice
We haven’t heard much of Royèl’s speaking voice until now. His speaking voice is deep and rich.

2. Mitchell Royèl Has Figured Out How To Make a Top Hat and Platform Boots Sexy
Because what other man in the past decade could pull off a top hat and platform boots and still maintain
status as a sex symbol?

3. Mitchell Royèl Is Powered By Our Sun Star
The premiere of Starcrushed shows short scenes of Royèl throwing sunlight across a dystopian skyline,
giving truth to the rumor that he is in fact powered by our sun star.

4. Mitchell Royèl Is A Cyborg
We don’t believe the sounds of a mechanical Royèl were added in post. Now we know how he tweets

5. Mitchell Royèl Has Mastered The Dramatic Pause
The only moments more intense than when Royèl was speaking were the moments he wasn’t. It’s the
intensity in those eyes.

6. Mitchell Royèl Talked Somebody Into Letting Him Film The First Episode of Starcrushed on The
Roof On Their House
Enough said.

7. Mitchell Royèl’s Revolution Has Already Started
We don’t know the details, but we know that Royèl is the face of a revolution that has already started. We
will be watching every week for more details.

8. #TheJawline and #ThoseEyebrows
Starcrushed is basically one minute and thirty seconds of human perfection.

9. Mitchell Royèl Is Putting His Platform To Good Use
It’s refreshing to see one of these social media personalities do good with their platform.

10. We Still Don’t Know Why The Show Is Called Starcrushed
But again, we’re intrigued. We will watch weekly for clues.

The web series premieres May 18th, 2015. New episodes of Starcrushed by Mitchell Royèl air every
Monday at starcrushedbymitchellroyel.com and on the artists YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/

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