10 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Should Have a Shell in Every Color

Just like shoes, a woman can never have too many shells in her closet. These versatile pieces are easy to pair with just about anything from casual to business professional. Shells serve as a great layering item, or look equally sophisticated and charming on their own. Here are the top ten reasons your wardrobe needs a shell in every color.

  1. Shells offer unsurpassed comfort as the undermost layer of your outfit. These sumptuously soft shirts wrap your skin in silky smoothness. Have a particularly scratchy sweater? Avoid the itch by wearing a complimenting shell underneath!
  2. Shells create a smooth and polished appearance. Regardless if you like for the waist band of your pants to be camouflaged or simply prefer a sleeker look along the abdomen or upper arm region, a shell can serve as a flattering, shape enhancing garment.
  3. From day to night, a shell can be dressed up or down. Pair with jeans for a casual trip to the store or dress it up with a pencil skirt and bold necklace for a date night out.
  4. In addition to easy transitions, a shell provides the perfect cohesion between the casual and sophisticated aspects of a unique outfit. Wait to pair a professional blazer with jeans? With a shell, you can pull off this refined comfort without various pieces of your outfit sticking out like a sore thumb.
  5. A shell in every color allows you to cheer on your favorite sports teams without having to invest in a bunch of expensive jerseys. Regardless if you are a hockey, football, baseball, or basketball fan, shells can be used to create a fashionably sporty look.
  6. Similarly, you can celebrate and be fashionably festive for each holiday without sporting one of those tacky sweaters or gaudy screen-printed t-shirts.
  7. Going on an interview or hoping to make a good impression with coworkers or a boss? Shells are the perfect top for paring with classic business attire.
  8. Instantly transform a provocative outfit into something that is classy and conservative with a color coordinating shell underneath.
  9. Shells add one more layer of warmth when it is super cold outside, but a shell alone is light and airy in the summertime.
  10. A shell is an incredibly affordable way to add sophistication and versatility to any wardrobe.

Regardless of your personal style preferences, a shell in every color will flawlessly enhance your wardrobe.



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