10 Must-Have Items for a Versatile Wardrobe

essential style tips

Here’s a question that many women find fun to answer. If you had closet space for nothing but ten clothing items, what would you choose? Would your choices be enough to get you through life while looking glam? Would they be adaptable to virtually any social situation?

Some ladies may be able to decide their lineup fairly quickly, but others may need time to think it through. If you’re the latter, this article’s for you. It contains a list of 10 must-have items that you can fall back on in case of sartorial emergency. As long as you have this classic set of 10, then you’ll be ready to greet the world in perfect style. Here’s a rundown of these 10 essentials and some additional styling tips that you can follow.

A Crisp White Dress Shirt

Why You Need It: Few things are more pleasing to the eye than a clean and freshly pressed white button-down. It’s a great clothing item for almost every kind of event. At work, it will give you the impression of being clean-cut and professional without being too flashy. You can just as easily dress it down during the afterhours with a pair of jeans or shorts.  

Essential Style Tips: People are often scared to wear white because it’s doubly obvious when the fabric gets dirty. In case you’re worried about your white shirt being on the receiving end of accidents, pack a pocket stain remover pen whenever you’re wearing it.

A Pair of Leggings

Why You Need It: No closet would be complete without an all-purpose pair of leggings or even plus size leggings. Wearing leggings is a snooze since all you need to do is pull them on. You can then pair them with a long top, like a boyfriend-style polo or oversized T-shirt so that your butt doesn’t get any unnecessary attention.

Essential Style Tips: Don’t limit yourself to plain solid-colored leggings. Take your style up a notch by getting a classy, premium-looking pair. Some great examples are leggings in the trouser-like Ponte style or leggings with the woven twill look.  

A Pair of Dark Boot-Cut Denims

Why You Need It: Another pair of bottoms you should have on hand is a pair of dark, boot-cut jeans. This is the color and cut of denims that goes with most outfits. They’ll also afford your ensemble a laid-back, yet mature kind of feel.

Essential Style Tips: Boots aren’t the only thing you should wear with these jeans. They look equally smart with a pair of pumps or sandals!

A Little Black Dress

Why You Need It: The LBD is every woman’s necessary cliché. It’s a wardrobe staple for good reason. It’s effortlessly elegant, it imparts a slimming effect on the wearer, and it’s easy to style up. No matter where you are in the world, and how much closet space you have, you should have your own little black dress.

Essential Style Tips: There are timeless styles to go with the timeless LBD. For foolproof elegance, pair it with a printed top, a denim jacket, a leather coat, a chunky belt, or statement shoes!

A Pair of Ballet Flats

Why You Need It: This is another example of an item of clothing that’s worth its popularity. Ballet flats are as comfortable to wear as sneakers, but add that touch of femininity that most outfits need. Make sure you have a pair in the color and print you like best.

Essential Style Tips: Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of skin when you’re wearing ballet flats. They look best with shorts, dresses, or cropped pants that reveal the ankle. 

A Pair of Boots

Why You Need It: On days that you’ll be standing and walking around a lot, you should be wearing a hardy pair of boots. Boots can protect your feet from rough trails or intense weather. If you already need them, you might as well look good in the ones you have.

Essential Style Tips: Fashionistas say the ankle boot is the most adaptable kind, but you can afford to be more edgy and daring about your pair. Combat boots in solid colors have gone out of style, so consider getting some of your own!

A Pair of Sneakers

Why You Need It: On the topic of shoes, no wardrobe should be without some reliable trainers. As with boots, you’ll be depending on them for a lot. They’ll take you through exercise sessions, daily runs to the grocery, or casual nights out with friends.

Essential Style Tips: Sneakers don’t have to be second-best to the other clothing items in your outfit. You’ll achieve an awesome effect if the boldest prints and colors are in your sneakers. Wear them with a plain tee and pants and let your sneakers be the focal point of your OOTD. Also, have you thought before about having some additional inserts? Well, they are the perfect complement for sneakers, making your stride even more comfortable and safe. Find more about shoe inserts on shoeadviser.com.

A Knee-Length Skirt

Why You Need It: The knee-length skirt is a must-have for its mix-and-match capability. A well-fitting skirt will look good with a single flowy top, a shirt-and-blazer combo, or even a plain V-neck tee. This item should be your go-to for your office, casual, or semi-formal outfits.  

Essential Style Tips: For best results, keep a knee-length skirt in a solid, classic color. Black, gray, or beige are all great options. Even if the skirt looks plain, you can dress it up with your top, shoes, or accessories.

essential style tips

A Smart-Looking Blazer

Why You Need It: The no-nonsense blazer should be every woman’s fallback. It can be worn both in the workplace and outside to demonstrate that the wearer means business. Put your blazer at the service of your dress, skirt, or button-down, but also try wearing it with jeans sometimes!

Essential Style Tips: As long as you’re wearing a blazer of the right cut and fit, you can be adventurous about the color or print. Go beyond the traditional black or gray; try a blazer in dark blue or a pastel color, and with a woven-looking pattern.

A Scarf or Shawl

Why You Need It: Scarves and shawls come in handy when you need an extra layer of warmth. You can simply drape one of these over your shoulders or cover your hair and ears with it. The best thing about scarves and shawls is that they’re easily put away; you can just tuck them into your bag when you’re done.

Essential Style Tips: If you want optimum versatility from your wrap, get an infinity-type shawl or scarf. Its seamless construction will ensure that it doesn’t fall off easily when you’re wearing it. They come in different fabrics and prints, so you can have a blast shopping for a pattern you like.

If one day soon you’ll need to clear out your wardrobe and populate it with little more than the bare essentials, this list should help. These, in addition to basics like T-shirts and accessories, will be more than enough to power your everyday personal style. Hope you have fun choosing, mixing, and matching!

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