10 Indoor decor ideas with plants

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There is absolutely nothing like a well-curated display of plants. They are always a pleasure to see and the surrounding atmosphere becomes refreshing and energizing.

However live plants are always very capricious and also require care and a beautiful design at regular interval to look bright and fresh.

In today’s world people are so busy that they can’t afford to give constant attention to such things and due to this most people settle for interior plants for decorating their houses.

There are some plants to use for decoration that will make your work look stunning and seem effortless, with the right décor ideas you should be able to come up with spectacular designs and decorations, let’s take a look at some of the best decor ideas using the best plants.

#Cactus Combo Bonsai lives up to its name by behaving like a dessert plant. It’s a very low maintenance plant that requires minimal water but lots of light. You don’t even have to water it during winter as it goes dormant. And being a bonsai, it only grows up to 8 inches high. It’s perfect for those who don’t have time to tend their plants or those who are always away from their homes.

#Palm Plant varieties are very good indoor plants because they are known to be excellent air purifying plants. Apart from that, they are also very adaptable to indoor growing conditions and don’t need to be watered frequently. Some of the palm plant varieties are bamboo palm, ponytail palm, areca palm and lady’s palm. However, these plants are not small and some can grow up to six feet tall.

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#Chinese Evergreen is another indoor air purifier that’s relatively easy to take care of. It grows well under low light conditions and must be kept in warm temperatures. Make sure that the soil is dry between watering; otherwise, it may kill the plant. It can grow up to three feet in height.

#Moth Orchid is for those who love to grow the flowering plant indoors. Moth Orchid has white blooms with small striped of fuchsia and can last up to three months. It likes indirect sunlight and can be placed in any area of your house. It’s a good air purifier, too.

#Peace Lily is an elegant-looking plant that has bold and shiny leaves that are sometimes decorated with white flower stalks. It takes away some harmful toxins from the air. This plant likes to be kept away from direct light and must be dried out between watering. But be careful, especially with pets and little children, as it can be mildly toxic when ingested.

#Spider Plant is a recommended houseplant for beginners because it lives well in almost any conditions and can be placed in many areas of the house. But it grows best with indirect sunlight and little water. With its long narrow leaves, this plant reduces pollutants from the air and purifies it.

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#Pathos is a cascading vine plant with beautiful leaves which makes it an excellent hanging plant. It is very tolerant of any conditions including low light and irregular watering. It can be potted in any container, can even grow roots in a glass of water and grows abundantly in the warm area.

#Snake plant: asides the fact that this plant is beautiful, it is also a bug repellant plant and is an awesome indoor plant for the bedroom because it releases Oxygen during the night. It is a tough plant that can handle the indoor environment but grow best under low light and warm conditions. Just take care that it is not overwatered. Otherwise, it will rot.

#African Violet is one of the most popular indoor plants because of its flowers. It is an awesome looking flowering plant with many color variations such purple, pink, white, etc. It doesn’t grow tall which makes it a great indoor decoration. It requires little exposure to the sun but the soil must be kept moist (not soggy) at all times.

#Rubber Plants – or (Ficus elastica) -This plant likes low indirect sunlight. Leaves are thick and waxy kind of…like rubber! Very easy care good looking indoor plant. It does like regular watering almost daily during the hot summer months. Very attractive indoor houseplant and should be trimmed once it reaches 6ft. in height. This type of plant can grow very large but you can dwarf its size by keeping it in a smaller container. This type of plant should be used in indoor settings

#Angel-Ivy-Plant: this plant is commonly known as a wire vine. It will grow up to one foot tall and almost as wide. The plant responds well to misting. The ideal temperature range is between 65 and 80 degrees. It prefers bright light but not direct sunlight. Spider mites can become an issue with the plant so inspect them often.

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1. You can try a tropical theme. What’s better than being in an environment that reflects a warm, colorful, green and vibrant impression in your home or office? The best way to achieve this is by using lots of green, and tall, strong plants. Tropical environments grow year round, so everything is always full, green and strong. A good combination would be 2 or 3 small fake trees, that can be placed in the corners of your room or office. While incorporating long, bright green real plants to place on your desk and window sill, giving you that real, fresh oxygen to go along with the fake trees.

2. Try to achieve a camping vibe. Camping vibes are great, and will always enjoy the lush, thick evergreens and the fresh air that comes along with it. The smell of a campfire and the sounds of summer birds chirping. This theme can be achieved by combining larger, darker plants and a collage of autumn leaves and pine cones.

3. A simple indoor garden with plants and flowers. You can never go wrong with the simple, indoor garden type of environment by utilizing small green plants and flowers. Any particular color scheme can be achieved using indoor plants and flowers if it’s a color scheme in particular that you desire. Roses and other flowers, even flowers come in just about any color you can imagine, and so do orchids, which are very popular and attractive in any situation.

4 Using potted flowers: Potted flowers are a great way to fill up some empty space in a room with tall ceilings, provided there is enough light to sustain your favorite variety. With some experience, branches may be trained and positioned to add an intimate canopy to a sitting area; you can start with using beautifully decorated vase and grow your flowers in them adding more flair to your home.

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With more style and creativity, you can be able to come up with more beautiful indoor decorative ideas for your home.

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