10 Important Tips for Shaving Head the Very First Time


Photo by Pexels, CC0 1.0

So, you’re going to try your hand at shaving your head for the first time? This is a big step for any guy out there, so you definitely need to know what you’re doing before you start getting rid of that hair. Below are some of the most important tips you need to keep in mind before you shave your head for the first time. Be sure to educate yourself properly on how to do this or you could end up in a bad spot.

  1. Buy Good Razors.

Make sure you don’t go with those cheap, disposable razors when you shave your head. This is virgin territory for many guys out there, meaning your scalp is going to be very sensitive to the razors. Be sure to invest in a high-quality razor so that you don’t end up with any nasty scrapes or bumps on your newly shaved head.

  1. Find the Best Shaving Soap or Cream.

Along with your razor, it’s important that you invest in high quality shaving soap or cream to get that hair off your head. You should definitely not go for the cheapest shaving cream when it comes to shaving your head for the first time. This could lead to a lot of irritation.

  1. Be Sure to Use a Shave Brush.

Even if you use shaving cream, it’s a good idea to use a shave brush when you shave your head for the first time. The application will be consistent and minimize the amount of waste. However, like most items on this list, don’t go for the cheap option. Be sure to go for a high-quality brush so it will last you a lot longer.

  1. Don’t Forget the Aftershave.

After you shave your head, it’s going to be a little bit sensitive. That’s why it’s important for you use to aftershave after you’ve finished the regiment. This is going to cool down your head a bit and leave it smelling awesome!

  1. Moisturize!

If you’re not sure what shaving your head looks like on the microscopic level, we’ll clear it up a bit for you. When you shave, it takes off a layer of skin from your head. When you add on that aftershave mentioned above, this is going to close your pores, but seriously dry it out. That’s why you have go to add moisturizer into your regiment to keep your skin nice and moisturized. This is super important for the health of your skin over time!

  1. Buzz Your Head First.

Next up, it’s time to get faith in the shaving process. The first rule of thumb when it comes to shaving your head for the first time (or any time!) is that you’ve got to buzz your head first. You don’t want to be constantly rinsing out your razor because your hair was too long when you started. Just give it a nice sweep-over to buzz off the extra hair before you get started.

  1. Heat Up Your Head, Too!

One of the most essential things you’ve got to remember about shaving your head or shaving in general is that opening your pores first is a crucial part of the process. So be sure to heat up your head with a hot towel after you buzz it and before you start shaving. This will ensure you’ll have a smooth shave.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Neck.

Nothing says “amateur hour” like having a shaven head, but tons of hair left around your neck. When you shave your head, don’t forget about the hairs all along your neck. This is unsightly and just doesn’t show off your newly shaven head well.

  1. Fade Your Beard into The Picture.

Many men with beards try to go for the “newly shaven head with full beard” look and it’s a great look for many guys. However, try to fade your beard at the sideburns to make it a bit more natural, rather than a shaven head going directly into a full beard.

  1. Never Rub Your Head Dry.

Another rule of thumb is that you should always pat your head dry with a towel, rather than rub it. Rubbing your skin leads to irritation and you definitely don’t want that on a newly shaved head.

Make sure to follow these tips if you’re venturing into the new territory of shaving your head for the first time. They are going to keep your skin healthy and make your head look awesome!

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