10 Great Things About Working From Home


  1. You Determine The Schedule

One of the best elements of being your own boss and working from home involves flexible hours. While you shouldn’t abuse the power to take a break whenever you feel like it, it sure is nice to answer calls from family or friends without feeling rushed to hang up. You can even eat whenever you want.


  1. Personalize Your Environment

Are you more productive with loud music in the background? Or do you work better with as little noise as possible? Given that you now work from home, you are in a position to personalize your environment accordingly.


  1. Show Up In Pajamas

Yep, you can stay in your comfortable pajamas on those cold winter mornings because you are not leaving the house. Don’t you feel sorry for everyone else though?


  1. Make Calls Without Interruptions

Apart from kids or pets, it is much easier to make calls and have discussions when you control your environment. And let’s not forget about that one chatty co-worker that waits for you around every corner.


  1. Get More Done At Home

Are there certain chores you usually pencil in for the weekend? Not anymore. Working at home gives you the opportunity to quickly get those chores done.

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  1. Avoid Typical Office Distractions

Of course, there are certain things you hate about working in an office with multiple co-workers. If not the internal politics, you probably hate it when someone turns on the AC when you are freezing. And what about all the noise around you? Well, these should not be a problem at home.


  1. Stop Wasting Time In Traffic

No longer do you have to put unnecessary miles on your car or rush for the subway. More importantly, forget about getting stuck in those traffic jams.


  1. Spend Less Money

No matter how you look at it, you spend less money making meals at home compared to buying lunch at the office. 


  1. Never Worry About Crowds

It can be very frustrating to get stuck in a crowd, especially when the person in front is walking on eggs. But this should not be a problem anymore.


  1. Be There For Your Family

Employers hate it when you suddenly need time for your family. But when you work from home, you can tend to your family as much as you need.


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