10 Creative Gift Ideas for this Summer

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Picking a gift for a wedding ceremony, birthday party or any other occasion has always been a tough decision to make. You just can’t decide what to give and you’d rather miss out on the celebration than face any embarrassment. No worries! Here’s a list of 10 unique gifts to choose from in this summer.

  1. Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings make a beautiful gift for the most loved females in your life. You can even gift them to your grandma and she’ll know how considerate you are. These rings make a sterling impression and have a personal feel to them. They are perfect gifts for any occasion.

  1. Customized Mugs

Digital printing has been trending for quite some time and public still loves it. It looks best on the mugs, which can also be used as decoration pieces later on. You can print you and your best friend’s picture or go for inspirational quotes that warm the soul. These inspirational mugs will act as a souvenir for the rest of their lives. They can be used to tell your mum, dad, sister or brother how much you love them. Customized mugs are cheap yet affectionate gifts.

  1. Inspirational Books

Know a book lover in your contacts? Gift them a novel highlighting philosophies about life, deep thoughts, inspirational stories, fictions and true stories. Such books make a compassionate present while imparting knowledge in others. Words are powerful enough to peace through even the stone-cold hearts. You never know who you might inspire with your gift.

  1. Bags, Clutches and Wallets

Anything that helps you contain goods is an important accessory, making bags, clutches and wallets the most desired products. Every individual would appreciate such a handy gift. They make suitable presents for both males and females in your life.

  1. Makeup Essentials

A girl’s most trusted companion, her good old makeup kit. Daily-use make up products are good to make your female fellows smile. Pack some makeup essentials like BB cream, sunscreen, lip butter, mascara and toners to surprise the divas you know.

  1. Pendants and Charms

Want to give a cute, thoughtful gift to your better half? There’s nothing better than delicate pendants and beautiful charms. Charms can be in the form of a necklace or bracelets depending upon the receiver’s taste. They are not cliché like chocolates, teddy bears, roses and other romantic gifts, but make a unique gift on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and birthday of your significant other.

  1. Portable Phone Charger

Good quality portable phone chargers start from a minimum of $10 and are a useful gift for men in your friends and family. Such gadgets are useful for everyday use and reminds the receiver of your affection. The recipient of this tech-inspired gift will thank you for life!

  1. Personalized Phone Cases

If you’re not into mugs, there are other items which you can customize using digital printing. Everyone owns a smartphone, right? So, why not gift a personalized phone case to cheer your friend up. A good phone cover depicts your personality and taste, so put a cool design or a motivational quote for your friend to carry around his phone with pride.

  1. Chic Shades

Smart sunglasses are on everyone’s wish list. They lift your appearance and make you look classy. Cool shades get high acceptance as gifts, especially during summers.

  1. Body Mist and Fragrances

Fragrances and colognes make for a formal gift. If there’s anyone in your acquaintances that you’re unsure what to give, go for body scents without thinking another time. They also come in kits along with lotions and shower gels.


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