10 Chic Bridesmaid Dress Styles to Consider for Your Wedding Entourage

When you are planning your wedding, who says all your bridesmaid has to wear the same style of clothes? With that, the look isn’t always classy and chic but through this post, we are ready to help you execute a flawless wedding and make your girls smile and stylish based on their personality. Besides, any woman who agrees to be in your bridesmaid circle deserves the full right to look stunning and unique in her way. Let’s reveal some of the bridesmaid dress styles you can consider for your entourage at your wedding event. Check out Avery Austin to see these styles for yourself and choose the best for your wedding.

Pink bridesmaid dresses

Generally, pink is described as a feminine color, so, rocking a pink dress as a bridesmaid demonstrates a gorgeous personality. Wear this on that day, and see how your entourage will become the cynosure for the event. You can easily find the perfect dress here at bridesmaid dress shops.

Glamorous navy dresses

If you are looking for a dress that’s timeless yet still upholds glamour and style in one exciting color. Then, a navy-colored dress will fit your bridesmaid perfectly.

Paisley lace prints

If you want to invoke compliments from guests to your wedding entourage. Be assured that a paisley printed lace dress can force out words from people. The dress will be accompanied by exceptional heels.

Sparkling glam dresses

The truth is, every bridesmaid wants to look a lot better than the bride herself. And here lies the secret of an exquisite look; the collection of glam dresses sparkling in an unprecedented manner.

Woodland fairy dresses

This dress style for bridesmaids is somewhat popular. The concept is unique where you have mixed style, colors but the dress material will be the same quality.

Source: Alamour the Label

A shade of emerald dresses 

Just as the pink color is feminine, the same description goes for an emerald color. Every single female in the bridesmaid circle gets to include a shade of emerald on their wedding attire.

Embellished Gown

Every female who loves fashion embraces an embellished gown regardless of its color. For a wedding, it is a great idea that the bridesmaid tries out an embellished gown made with quality material and subtle design.

Ghost satin dresses

When you are looking for an option for something with a touch of sophistication, then you are in line with a ghost satin. The ghost satin material is capable of creating a scene for mingling with the opposite sex.

All white dresses

With this dressing style and idea, the bridesmaid has the privilege to shine through their personal fashion preference. When adopting this style, it means every dress would be white color, and not necessarily the same style.

Floral pants

This is practically one of the simplest dressing ideas that can be considered for a wedding ceremony. The concept is to dress in floral attire and complement it with a bold color top if necessary.


Every wedding host needs a clique of bridesmaid because the role they play before, during, and after the wedding ceremony can’t be overemphasized. Choosing a bridesmaid doesn’t need to be challenging, the bride can simply request this as a favor from her best friends. We didn’t provide this long list to confuse you, instead, we carefully researched and ensured that you have options to choose from considering your budget and taste. We hope that you try one of the dress styles listed in this article, and don’t forget to catch much fun on that unforgettable day! Happy married life in advance!

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