10 Best Super Nintendo Roms

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In this article, we made a selection of the best Super Nintendo Roms for your PC.

1. Prince of Persia.

Prince of Persia is an adventure platformer in which a player for a certain time (from 60 to 120 minutes on different platforms) will have to get out of prison, where the protagonist is imprisoned at the will of the vizier Jafar. Escaping from prison, the hero will find his beloved princess and save her from the clutches of the vizier.

Enjoy playing the Prince of Persia and other adventurous Super Nintendo Roms on your PC.

2. Disney’s Toy Story Racer.

Racing in the style of CTR and ATV Racers with a character from the popular cartoon “Toy Story.” Apart from honest ways to win, the game has the opportunity to use various mucks against their opponents.

Crazy race, based on the popular Disney cartoon Toy Story. Together with the characters of the cartoon, win in the competition for the title of the fastest. Several different tracks and a lot of cars of your choice make this game attractive for many players of different ages.

3. Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past.

A great role-playing game about an elf named Link, who once goes to save Princess Zelda. Fights occur in real time on the main game screen. The link is able to collect, use, lift and throw objects. The game has interesting graphics, music and story.

In this game was used the idea of ​​moving between two worlds, which later became the hallmark of the games of these series. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has made the most significant contribution to the development of the series, and is one of the greatest games of all time.

4. Donkey Kong Country.

In the game, you are invited to help two gay monkeys to pass 50 interesting levels in the nine worlds. Overcome all obstacles, deal with numerous enemies and get the grand prize. The plot of the game is simple. Once the spiteful Kremlings stole from the monkeys all the stocks of bananas. The first to discover this was Donkey Kong. Kremlings pushed his friend Diddy Kong into the barrel. Donkey Kong quickly finds and releases Diddy, and together they begin a long way to revenge the Kremlins and return the bananas.

5. Boogerman – a Pick and Flick Adventure.

If you like to fart, puke, snort, throw bugs and engage in other similar things, then this game is for you. The world is not protected from pollution and the evil Booster Meister. The only hope for a clean future lies on the shoulders of our smelly superhero Boogerman. The game is very well animated. Graphics and sound also look good. If you are a fan of this humor, then the game should be in your collection. On SNES, there are representatives of this genre much better than this game and with more witty humor.

6. Alien 3.

The plot of the famous film was moved to this game. The main character, will have not only to break through the hordes of strangers, but also save the unfortunate people who fell into their paws. To complicate the task of the player, the developers decided to enter a time limit for the passage of each level. Several types of weapons, including automatic, grenade launcher, and of course a flamethrower.

7. Rock’n Roll Racing.

Dizzy races with aliens on unthinkable machines. The game has great music and excellent graphics. As the game progresses, you will be able to get new cars, both wheeled and caterpillar. In addition, you have at your disposal an arsenal of weapons that changes as you progress through the game. The game has several levels of difficulty, so that experienced players could experience difficulties in the process of passing the game.

8. Spider-Man and Venom – Maximum Carnage.

This game is about the Spider Men and Venom. It is executed in a style – fight and kill. In general, the game was developed thanks to the famous comics of 1993 “Maximum Carnage”. One of the most dangerous killers and the bandits flees from places of detention (psychiatric hospital). Now you should find him, on the way to figure out a bunch of enemies, and then return it to its rightful place. You can play not only for the Spider Man but also for Venom, which means – the death-bearer.

9. Urban Strike.

Do you want to be a helicopter pilot? Then this game is for you. You will perform the most difficult tasks given by your superiors. Do not forget that the fuel and weapons reserves are not infinite. You need to spend your resources sparingly, properly performing tasks. In addition, you will be attacked by your rivals, trying to destroy your helicopter. Perform your mission, help people in need!

10. Jurassic Park.

A game-action movie, based on the eponymous movie Jurassic Park. At the beginning of the game, there is a choice for whom to play: for people or dinosaurs. The game has all the traditional features of this genre – shooting, running, replenishing weapons and energy. The game has 3 levels of difficulty. Jurassic Park – an interesting game for Sega “Jurassic Park” was based on the film by Steven Spielberg, which in many ways provided its great popularity.

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