10 Alternative Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends come and go and can be specific to a particular group of people.  The alternative group refers to a group of individuals that are different from the norm in society.  They may listen to different music, dress differently, and have a different style completely. Here are some of the things trending in the alternative population.

  • Rainbow Hair- Various colors in your hair, just like a rainbow. This process can take quite a while and requires bleaching, toning, and then application of your chose colors.  These colors are vibrant, but they won’t stay that way for long. This hairstyle is awesome for the bold, but it takes some serious upkeep.
  • Labret piercing- This piercing is becoming extremely popular in the alternative world. It is right under the center of the lip in the chin area.  It is usually a ball with a flat disc on the back, called a labret stud. See a wide selection of labret rings at UrbanBodyJewelry.com
  • Studding- Studding up shoes and pants with metal studs is coming back. This was a trend in the 80’s and it is once again hot in the alternative world. There are many shapes and sizes available and they look awesome on a jacket.
  • Martens- This boot was the ultimate shoe for the 80’s. It was worn by all the rockers and alternative groups and became the staple.  They are back and in many different colors and styles.  They will definitely give you a chance to express your own unique style.
  • Corset piercings- These piercings are pretty extreme, even in the piercing world. They involve piercings on either side of the back, like a corset. Some even weave ribbon down the back like a corset tie up would look.  These tend to be pretty temporary due to the extent of healing in that area.
  • Arrow Tattoos- These Native American arrows are highly popular now and their direction is significant in those that select them. Choosing a path in life and sticking to it is an amazing thing and that is what this piece of art symbolizes.
  • DIY crafts- Regardless of what you choose to design, make it you and rock it. The new styles are amazing if they are yours and unique. Following the trendy brand name styles is not unique or alternative. So spice it up and make something completely yours.
  • Braids- It doesn’t matter where the braids are, how many, how thick, or how thin.  Braids are amazing and very trendy. The messier the better.
  • Septum piercings- The piercings in the piece of tissue between your two nostrils are extremely popular today. The more unique the better. Some even have dangling pieces and others can be hidden in the nose if you want to take part in a professional setting.
  • Black clothes- Goth is totally back. The only difference is that black is much easier to wash and keep black with today’s detergents. They won’t be as faded as back in the day. So wear your black and wear it proud.


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