#1 artist on the MTV charts for 4 weeks: FERNANDO TRIFF

Fernando Triff

Fernando Triff is a Sao Paul, Brazil born and raised artist. He has risen to fame recently due to his unique take on alternative rock music, which he has been a fan of since he was 10 years old. By the time, he was 16; this talented individual had already started to write his own music and was a prodigy in it.

Fernando Triff has always been a huge fan of alternative rock and had an early influence of bands like Nirvana, Green Day, and Smashing Pumpkins. The fact that he was a fan of such illustrious bands, he always aspired to be like them as well. When he turned 16, the music that Fernando Triff was writing had a heavy influence from the then alternative rock chart-buster bands such as Linkin Park, the Foo Fighters, and Limp Bizkit etc. He even started his own band where he was the lead singer, however that did not work out and he opted for a solo career. Other bands that he has had influence from are Gorillaz, Foster the People and Paramore.

The music and song that Fernando presents to his fans are derived from real experiences. He wants to spread positivity and to inspire his fans. The music that he brings is real and from the heart. His musical accomplishments are growing day by day. His first single “Blessings like Swagger” debuted at #61 on iTunes alternative international charts and was #1 on N1M charts in Brazil for four weeks. In addition, recently he was the #1artist on the MTV charts for 4 weeks before wma. His new single HOLLYWOOD will be released next month, check out his Twitter for more information.


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