Three Reasons Why People Choose Online Relationship Counseling Instead of Attending Therapy Sessions

online counseling

Online therapy is becoming more and more popular, now that technology makes it possible for people to communicate with trained, professional counselors using methods from video chat to instant messaging. One area where there has been a big increase in uptake since online counseling became a thing is in relationship counseling for couples.

There are many reasons why couples seek guidance counseling, with some feeling they need to try and save a marriage that is failing, others looking for help in regaining their connection when their lives have changed (for example after they have a child), and some simply looking to improve how they communicate and behave together to get the most out of their relationship.

Here, though, are three good reasons why many of these couples prefer the approach of talking with an online relationship counselor over the web, rather than attending traditional therapy sessions together:

Less of a Stigma

Online counseling stops people from feeling a lot of the stigma associated with marriage counseling. Because it is so easy to access, it can be done almost casually, without the same sense of admitting there is a problem in the relationship or fearing that the suggestion of therapy means one partner is thinking of leaving. Talking to someone online can feel a lot less of a heavy step to take than booking an appointment and going to a therapist’s office, and this can make it an easier step to take for couples who want the improvements, but feel uncomfortable at the idea of being ‘in therapy’.

Plenty of Choice and Flexibility

Another reason why online sessions with an online relationship counselor are becoming so popular is because it allows people to have more choice about the therapist they work with. They aren’t restricted to people in their local area, and will find a wider range of flexibility in terms of cost and session times. This makes it easier for people to do their research and find a counselor whose approaches appeal to them, as well as to find a counseling solution they can afford and that won’t interfere with their working schedules – two things that often prevent people from committing to conventional counseling sessions.

Less Daunting

A lot of people find the idea of going into a therapist’s office and answering personal questions in front of their partner extremely daunting. People who experience anxiety don’t really like the idea of talking to strangers face to face at all, let alone having to talk about sensitive and personal matters. People’s anxieties about counseling are often assuaged after the first session, however even so, the fear of what counseling will be like is enough to put many off of ever trying it. Online, people tend to feel far more secure, and are also able to communicate in a way they are comfortable with.

These are three of the biggest reasons why the availability of online counseling is helping more and more couples access help they otherwise may not have sought out.

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