Smile, Wink and Get Ready – MirroCool the Only Smart Mirror and Productivity Tool That Recognizes You

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You want one? Win it!

Last week, one of our favorite publicist contacted us with a disruptive product for the smart home. MirroCool, a smart mirror, unlike any others that have come to Nora Gouma magazine’s attention. And it just may make your home a bit smarter and safer too.

What’s so different about this smart mirror from the dozens of others on the Home Automation market? For starter, it is a personal assistant, security camera, stylebook and a conversation piece. The technology behind it is what makes it a standout.  It’s the only smart mirror on the market that uses its proprietary Facial Gestures Recognition (FGR) to activate the various functions on the mirror and the only one that also may be used as an HD Security Camera.  It’s definitely unlike any others.

What is FGR exactly?

Think of Facial Gestures Recognition technology as a faceprint, a fingerprint for your face that takes notices of the particularities of you face structures and expressions and applies it to a command function. MirroCool takes advantage of this technology to free up your hands to do what they need to do to get ready; frees your voice to speak, not wasting time training your smart device to recognize your tone, voice, and accent and since it’s a touchless screen, the mirror remains smudge free and clean. There’s really a lot to smile about.

So how does it work and what does it do?

It’s a personal assistant. A home security device and an entertainer. Using FGR the mirror recognizes your face and your facial gestures, and it can perform an assigned task. Wink, it will take a Selfie and securely store it on MirroCloud storage space, smile and your calendar will be displayed on your mirror. Smile again, and another screen will appear dispalying your emails, or your  text messages. Or the stock markets and the latest news. You want to know how to dress for your meeting today? Check the weather on your display.  You customize and you decide what you want to see it.  It’s all synced up with your smartphone. It’s a simple as smile and wink!

Take a Selfie. Create a Stylebook. Become the Next Big Internet Celebrity.

And the selfie function is fun! Create a book of your favorite dress styles. Soon you will have a stylebook of your selfies. Share your stylebook with your friends on social media or via email and text. Who knows? You could become an internet celebrity!

A Mirror that Keeps Burglars Away!

In the On mode, the mirror will scan the faces of the people whose face it captures. If it isn’t from a registered household profiles, it will send to your phone an alert with a scan of the detected unrecognized face, and you can decide whether to contact the authorities or not. The mirror has no limit on how many registered users it can host. So, don’t worry about reaching a limit of profiles. And again, you make the decision to take actions or not, and you can quickly turn off the device from your smartphone. On the Off mode, it acts and looks like a regular mirror.

How secure and private is it?

When you don’t want it on, as for instance when you are in a more private moment, the MirroCool is easily turned off. 1,2,3, turn it on, turn it off.

You want one? Win it!

And it could be yours shortly too. How so?  Enter the contest.

The company is giving away THREE grand prizes until July 23. Can you envision the envy and intrigue of your family and your friends as you show them how facial gesture recognition works? And blink to take your selfie or smile to get the latest news report? The best part? There is no purchase required. Just enter the contest here. You can participate in the sweepstakes until July 23.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t want because the company is launching a Kickstarter campaign July 11, and the early backers will have access to killer discounts and gifts.

Sign-up for it here:


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