Plus size wedding dresses best tips for the curvy bride

curvy bride

Finding a great wedding dress is a daunting task. But finding a stunning plus size wedding dress as a curvy bride might be even more difficult. If you do not have a size 34-40 the standard fitting models are often too small. And the large wedding dresses are often not fashionable enough.  But there is good news offers plus size wedding dresses that are both fashionable and fit even larger sizes. A curvy bride deserve a great wedding dress don’t you agree? If you are a plus size bride read the tips below.

Emphasize your strengths
To make sure you look good in your dress you have to emphasize your strengths. Do you  have full breasts choose a dress with a deep v neck to add that extra glam. If you have a nice hourglass figure make sure your wedding dress follows your figure. Is your waist a point of attraction? Choose a dress with a beautiful ornament to the waist or wear a nice colored ribbon or a strap.

Camouflage your tummy
If you want to camouflage your tummy you can easily find cheap plus size wedding dresses Australia. An empire line flares beneath your breasts and its loose over your waist. This will easily camouflage your tummy. Another benefit of this empire type of dress is that your legs seems endless. The dress will look great on your curvy figure.

Bolero or stole 
If you don’t like your arms or feel uncomfortable showing them don’t worry there are enough options for you! Why not wear a bolero or stole. You can easily where this over your wedding dress. As a curvy bride the most important thing is to be confident and happy on your big day!


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