New Year, New Home – Top Home Improvements that Add Value

home improvement

January is a time for New Year resolutions, paying off Christmas, and finally getting around to all those jobs you have been putting off in and around the house for months. For many people, it is also a time to think about doing some much-needed home improvements, perhaps with a view to selling up and moving home in the next twelve months. So what improvements add the most value?

New Windows and Doors

Winter is a time when a lot of homeowners start considering the value of investing in new double-glazed windows and Warmseal doors. It is also the best time to find a good deal on the product you want. Replacing all of your windows and doors can be expensive, but it will add value to your home and make it more attractive to buyers. However, this does depend on whether you choose a style that is in keeping with the property and adding new uPVC windows to a period property is a definite no-no.

Loft Conversions

A loft conversion will add valuable living space to your home without you having to sacrifice any of your gardens. Not all lofts can be converted because the roof structure isn’t suitable, so it is worth chatting to an expert before you start making plans. If you do decide to go ahead, make sure the work is carried out by a professional builder. Adding additional living space and/or bedrooms will definitely add value to your home, but only if the work is completed to a high standard.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

A new kitchen or bathroom is never a bad investment, but only if the final product is appropriate for the style of the property. For example, you will never recoup the cost of a top-of-the-range kitchen with hand crafted oak units and granite worktops if you live in a small terrace home in a run-down part of town. But if this is what you want and adding value is not a consideration, then go for it!

When it comes to bathrooms, adding an extra one is always a good move, as long as you don’t sacrifice a bedroom to do it. Wet rooms are very popular these days, but they are best installed in a room with a concrete floor to avoid any leakages.

Garage Conversions

Converting a garage into a living space is a tricky one. One the one hand extra living space is always useful, but on the other, you are losing valuable storage space. Most people don’t use a garage for their car. Rather they use it to store junk. But storage space should not be underestimated as most modern homes have very little of it, so think carefully before you convert your garage and turn it into a play room or home gym.

Home improvements are usually money well spent, but always check whether you need planning permission for works that involve making structural changes to a property. If you fail to do so, you could end up in serious bother.

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