Interview with visual artist Pere Ibañez, examines the duality of human nature with his new photo-series


Syzygy is my new photo-series, this collection of black & white portraits are all part of a Bipolar Disorder Awareness Campaign.

Tell us about yourself and what you do
I am a visual artist from Barcelona, but I’ve lived in China for a decade now – so I have the concept of ‘home’ pretty messed up by now.  Regarding my work I might be called a photographer since what I’m known for is photography. But I don’t exactly think of what I do in that way. I believe my work to be closer to film in the sense of that there is acting involved, some sort of script and the whole idea of creating alternate realities.


 Tell us about your new project and book ´Syzygy´.
‘Syzygy is my new photo-series and a collaboration with Chinese NGO This collection of black & white portraits are all part of a Bipolar Disorder Awareness Campaign and a departure from some of my past violent works.  Some of the new photos have been touring around North America and Asia now for a year, either being exhibited in art galleries or published in printed media. On December 4th the whole collection will be made available in the form of a book (and eBook) in major retailers like amazon or Apple’s iBookstore.

What makes this project different from past ones?
‘Syzygy’ has a direct connection to my last release ‘I.See.Dark’ (2015), but it takes a different direction. While my past works had much more angst and violence, this new series are way more subtle.  There is, however, a clear scent of darkness, heartbreak and grief all across the series that makes them stand perfectly next to my other works.  Other than that I suppose with this collection I’m exploring a sensitive side that I didn’t touch much in the past. Creating ‘Syzygy’ it’s probably the most human that I’ve been in a long time.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
Well, I’m not sure but I would say just remember to enjoy the ride. I understand breaking into the industry is a need, but that’s what it is, a need. Creating art is the most amazing part of being an artist. So never cease to experiment and grow, the art market is constantly widening and I believe there’s always place for new artists.

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