How to Choose the Live Entertainment for Your Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is not complete without entertainment. Shared laughter and dances, memorable tunes that you and your partner can relate to, and the vibe live entertainment creates are among the best things to enjoy on your special day. This makes choosing the right live entertainment for the wedding even more important.

Choosing live entertainment for a wedding reception is not difficult at all. You just have to think about the three main points we are about to discuss in this article. Let’s get started, shall we?

Space and Theme

Always start by looking at the space available for live entertainment. Is it enough to accommodate an entire acoustic band? Do you need to rent additional equipment for the live entertainment to perform? Consult the wedding venue management before you start searching for live entertainment options to look into. You can even ask the management about past weddings and the kind of live entertainment they have.

Whether you’re going for a budget-friendly option or you just want your wedding reception to be spectacular, it is also important to consider the overall theme of the wedding. Live DJ performance may seem cool at first, but it doesn’t always go well with traditional wedding receptions. The same goes for acoustic or full band performances.


The second point to consider is your budget. How much can you afford to spend on live entertainment? Depending on your budget, you can start looking into options accordingly. UK Wedding Savings, for instance, has several great venues that often throw in live entertainment as part of the package. If you just want a low-key yet beautiful wedding day, this budget-friendly option will suit you nicely.

On the other hand, you can also audition larger bands or DJs for the wedding when you have a bigger budget. A live band is usually more expensive than hiring a DJ. The cost of hiring a band also depends on various other things. You can still use online search tools to help you find quotes and get options to consider.


As the night (or the day, depending on the time of your reception) continues and live entertainment keeps the wedding in full swing, your guests will start asking for a particular song or requesting a change of genre altogether. This is a wedding and most of the guests are close friends and family, so taking their taste into considerations is certainly not a bad thing to do. In fact, it’s the third point you should take into account when searching for live entertainment for your wedding reception.

The band’s ability to play different genres of music can bring the party to life. You can also hire multiple bands with different genres if you like. For evening receptions, switching to a DJ at a certain point can also pick the celebration back up for younger guests.

Consider these three points and finding the right live entertainment for your wedding reception will be much easier. Don’t forget to compare and audition multiple options before making your decision too. After all, the best live performance can help make your wedding reception more memorable.

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