How To Be A Hairstyle Chameleon


Do you ever watch reality TV shows and wonder how on earth it’s possible to show off five different hairstyles in a single episode? If so, you’re probably not alone. Celebrities may have glam squads on hand to enable them to try out a host of different looks, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t follow suit. Here are some tips to help you become a hairstyle chameleon.


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Change the way you dry your hair

Do you wash and dry your hair in exactly the same way every time? If so, why not switch things up, and try out some new techniques. If you’re keen to sport straight, glossy locks one day and all-out volume the next, you’ll need to adapt your approach.

For sleek styles, apply straightening cream and comb through before you dry. Keep the dryer on a low heat setting, and use a paddle brush to tame flyaway pieces while you brush. Some creams also contain heat protection, so you shouldn’t need additional products before you dry. For recommendations, check out If you’re eager to pump up the volume, apply some volumizing spray before you dry, and use a diffuser. When your hair is almost dry, throw your head upside down and shake your hair out. This will boost your roots, and give you that gorgeous bouncy look. If you want a more relaxed, off-duty style, towel dry your hair, and secure it in a loose bun using bobby pins. When it’s dry, unravel, and you’ll have beautiful, low maintenance waves. This is a great look for festival season.


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Use the Internet

The Internet is an amazing resource when it comes to trying out new styles. You can watch video tutorials or follow step by step guides. Make sure you have a mirror, and plenty of bobby pins and hair ties to hand. Pages like are great for inspiration.

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Invest in haircare products and styling tools

Technology is incredibly advanced, and this gives us the opportunity to create an array of different styles. Just because you have naturally straight hair doesn’t mean you can’t wear it curly or vice versa. If you have straight hair and you want waves, buy a curling tong or a wand. Choose a barrel size based on the thickness of your hair. If you have fine hair, you’ll only need a small barrel. If you have curly hair, look into buying some straightening irons. You can also use straighteners to make curls, so they’re a fantastic option if you like to switch styles. Look out for products in stores that will help you to create your dream look. You can buy everything from salt spray for beachy waves to frizz-taming serums.


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If you’re bored of your current hairstyle, or you wish you could be a little more creative when it comes to styling, don’t be afraid to try new things. Change the way you dry your hair, buy some new products, and look out for tips, tricks and videos online. Use styling tools to iron out kinks or add curls or waves. It may take you a few trial runs to get to grips with your new styles, but don’t give up. Practice makes perfect!

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