Dress Down for the After Party


You’ve probably been reading tips on how to have the perfect prom for a while now. From the dress and hair to the shoes – you’ve probably got it all planned. But have you decided what you’re going to wear once the dance is over? No?

Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up a couple of ideas for you to wear to the after prom party. The main thing when looking for sexy dresses for prom & other occasions is to go for comfort and affordability. You can still look cute, though!

For the Fancy After Party

If you’re heading off somewhere else that’s fancy after your prom, be sure to pick a dress that is not going to compete with your prom dress, and also has that extra party-girl edge to it. Opt for bright dresses, perhaps even with fun lace-inserts. These are bold and easy to dress up or down as much as you want. In fact, there are loads of killer accessories you could wear with a shift dress.

If your after party is in spring and you want to get into the joys of the season, go for a chic and girly number such as a floral print dress that can be rocked with your dance up-do. And if you really want to go all out, go for a show-stopping, glittering gold sequin skater dress complete with coral lipstick and you’ll be the star of the show for sure.


Chill House Party

So you’ve got your gorgeous dress from The Prom Dress Shop, but what do you wear if you’re just going to be hanging out at a friend’s house after the dance? Well, you’ll want to switch into something more comfortable. Instead of going for the usual jeans and t-shirt, why not stay on theme with a more casual dress? Go for brightly printed sundresses and cute strap designs on the back.

If you’re after something slightly more demure, why not go for a denim shirt dress to hang out in? It’ll look great with studded sneakers and a chunky neck chain. A black maxi dress is a good idea, too, perhaps with a bold print on the front. To get double duty out of your after-party outfit, choose something you’re more likely to wear all through the summer, such as a funky tie-dye skater frock.


The Cozy Slumber Party

Let’s face it, sometimes the main event itself is more than enough for you to last the rest of the year, so you may well prefer a slumber after-party to hang out with friends and go over all that juicy prom gossip while munching on pizza. But of course you still want to look cute for lazing around. Look for cute, funky pajama sets with shorts and vests or a cute sleeper shirt.


And If You’re Off To Party the Night Away…

Finally, if you’re off to another party to keep on dancing, ditch the heels for comfier dance shoes, and let your hair down if you had an up-do. Opt for a short, comfy, and glitzy dress for the after-party that will match your already perfect prom makeup and you’re good to carry on dancing the night away. If you want to keep your prom dress on, simply take away some of the more dazzling accessories, perhaps change your do and slip on some pumps for a more casual, comfortable look that will keep you rocking all night long.

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