Beauty 101: How To Look Great And Feel Amazing All Year Round

In just a few weeks it will be Christmas. So we can expect to read about how to look great over the festive season. Then we have New Year, which is all about new intentions and resolutions. Then spring, summer vacation and then we’re back to Christmas again. Rather than writing a post about New Year’s resolutions, we thought we’d put together tips on how to look great and feel amazing all year round.

  1. Beauty Plan

First things first. Start with an honest head to toe assessment. This includes your hair, face, and body. Take off all your clothes and stand naked in front of a full-size mirror. Make a note of all the things you like about yourself and all the things you want to change. From this list, create a number of objectives. This will form the basis of your beauty plan.

A quick note on objectives. Firstly, make sure that each goal is positive. ‘Getting rid of my fat thighs’ is a negative goal. The reason for this is because you’re focusing on ‘fat thighs’. Therefore, conversely, your intention is more likely to fail. Change this to a positive instead. So something like, ‘achieving streamlined thighs by losing an inch from each’. For each goal you establish, set out how you are going to achieve it. Be specific. Also, set out when you are going to achieve it by. Ensuring your goals are specific, achievable and measurable will provide you with the best possible start.



  1. Don’t Live In The Future

One of the difficulties with making changes to your appearance is that it takes time. You set off with all good intentions but lose momentum along the way. One of the reasons for this is that you’re living in the future. You believe that your life will change in some significant way after you have lost fourteen pounds or improved your complexion. Your life is what you make it, and you don’t have to look a certain way to achieve that. Looking and feeling good is often about confidence. If you feel good on the inside, chances are this will be projected on the outside.

One way you can live in the present is to make the most of what you have. As women it’s almost ingrained in us to be self-critical. Out of all our beautiful attributes we focus on the one thing we don’t like about ourselves. Other people are probably not even aware of it. But we know it’s there, and so it matters to us.

Go back to your list again and look at all your positive features. Enhance and accentuate those. So, if you have a slender waistline, nip it in and make the most of it. If you have beautiful curly hair, keep in in tip-top condition and wear it loose and flowing. If you focus on your best bits, other people will too.

  1. A Helping Hand

Sometimes, despite exercise plans, diets, and makeup, there are parts of us that we just can’t alter. We may feel that our breast are too small. Or, no matter what we do, our stomach is always a little flabby. If those areas are limiting your life and making you feel bad about yourself, you may want to consider plastic surgery. Medical knowledge and technology have moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. As a result, many techniques are quick and less invasive. Do your research and always use a reputable surgeon such as

  1. Inside Out

We’re frequently told that beauty starts from within. This is true on many counts. The adage refers to having a beautiful mind and being a good person. However, it is also true in terms of what we put into our body. This comes down to the dreaded diet. The word itself has lots of negative connotations as it suggests depriving ourselves. This is never easy, and it certainly isn’t fun. So, it’s probably best to think of your food plan in a different way. Diets are also often short-term. Whereas, you’re more likely to reach your objectives if you establish good healthy eating habits for the long-term. Start by making small changes that you can achieve with the minimum of fuss.

  • Drink more water each day, even if it’s just one extra glass
  • If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, substitute one cup with a glass of water
  • Don’t buy biscuits or other sugary snacks; if they’re not in the house you won’t eat them
  • Cut down on your alcohol intake and ensure it is within healthy limits
  • Replace takeout and processed meals with homemade healthy alternatives
  • Get into the habit making twice as much food and freezing half for another day
  • Don’t go food shopping without a list
  • Check all food labeling during your grocery shop
  • Don’t drink your calories and instead opt for healthy, sugar-free alternatives
  1. Quit Smoking

There’s no other way to say this. If you smoke, stop now. It’s bad for your health and is likely to kill you. If you haven’t made the decision, this is why you should stop smoking right now:

  • It’s the biggest contributing lifestyle factor to getting cancer
  • It’s the biggest cause of preventable deaths
  • It contributes to heart disease
  • It puts you at increased risk of stroke
  • If you develop Alzheimer’s, it speeds up mental decline
  • It ages the skin
  • It creates wrinkles and sagging to the skin
  • It will kill you



  1. Hair

Your hair is one of the first things that people will notice about you. Therefore, to look good and feel good, it’s important to focus on this area. If you have long hair, keep it in good condition with regular trims. Don’t stick to the same style all the time. Experiment a little. Find ways to create a range of different styles for different occasions. There are lots of step-by-step tutorials on sites like

If you have short hair, there’s still plenty of scope to experiment. Even if you can’t change the style significantly, you can experiment with color. Try different looks for different events.

  1. Body

As you’re going through a process of changing your body, make the most of what you have right now. It goes back to the point on living in the present. Enhance areas that you like about yourself by dressing accordingly. Dress according to your body type and hide the problem areas.

It may take time to achieve the look you want, but there are several instant fixes you can apply. The first is start drinking more water. If you don’t do this already, start working up to eight glasses a day. You will notice improvements in your skin in a short space of time. Water plumps up cells and makes you appear fresher and younger-looking.

Dry skin can look gray and unsightly. When you shower, slather your body with soap or shower gel. Then rub briskly with a loofah. This will slough off dead skin cells and stimulate the body. Apply a good quality body lotion liberally as soon as you’re dry.

If you feel your skin is a little dull or you have some blemishes, consider tanning treatment. If you don’t fancy a spray tan, find home alternatives. Opt for a cream that builds slowly over time. This will give you a more natural glow. Don’t go overboard and avoid the orange.



  1. Feet

Our feet are often neglected, particularly in the winter months. They are hidden beneath wooly tights and socks, and we only see them when we shower or go to bed. They support us each day, often walking miles for us. And yet we take them for granted. Give your feet a little TLC by treating yourself to a pedicure. In-between, look after them at home. Use a buffer to slough away hard skin and apply foot lotion. File your toenails to keep them short and neat and paint them in a pretty color. This is worth doing, even if you’re the only one who sees them.

  1. Manicure

Unlike your feet, your hands are often on display. Make the most of them by paying them some attention. They often become dry or cracked through weather or handling paper. Invest in a good hand cream that will moisturize and protect. During the summer months, ensure you apply a sub-block. Take care of your nails by frequent filing. Push down or trim your cuticles and apply cuticle cream. Complete the look with your nail varnish of choice.



  1. Makeup

Makeup makes most things better. It hides a multitude of blemishes and imperfections. It creates contours we never knew we had. It can even make us look a little thinner. If you never learned how to apply makeup properly, now is the time to do it. Book a lesson or swot up from the many books and online resources available.

When building up your own makeup collection, first get rid of all the out-of-date items. Makeup doesn’t last forever, despite popular beliefs. It also accumulates bacteria. So get rid of all the items that have been floating around your makeup bag for years.

Start with a good primer. This is the basis for your makeup. If you’re not convinced, try it once and you won’t be without it again. Next, find your foundation. Finding the right foundation color can be a bit like finding the holy grail. But many cosmetics companies now offer services to match your skin tone to the right color.

Once you have the basics sorted out, the rest will follow. If you’re unsure, there are countless resources to read on color, etc. Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Experiment with different looks. Even introducing a new lip color can transform your overall appearance.

You can change your appearance at any time. You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve or the end of winter. Carry out a full assessment and set up some positive goals. But don’t live in the future. There are plenty of changes you can make right now that will boost your confidence and and transform your appearance.

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