Add A Touch Of Urban And Edgy To Your Wardrobe With These Items


We all are hoping our wardrobe looks cool to impress others. And we want to pull off an edgy vibe which will leave our friends impressed. However, a lot of people are unsure of how to achieve this look. And it leaves them making them a fashion faux pax. But if you want to be bang on trend, here are some items which will add a touch of urban and edgy to your wardrobe.

Go for some crop tops

The first thing you need for your wardrobe is some edgy crop tops. After all, these are a great way to add a cool vibe to your wardrobe. And thankfully, as they are so popular, you can find a wealth of them around in the shops at the moment. You should opt for a dark color which comes with a design. For example, you might want to get one with a designer label, or even a cool quote. If you feel less confident wearing a crop top, it’s worth hiking up your trousers to ensure less of your belly is on show!



Opt for some gold jewelry

You should also go for some gold jewelry which can be great to make your wardrobe edgier. And with some eye-catching jewelry, it will help to ensure you stand out from the crowd. There are some great brands around which will make sure you look hip and edgy while on the move. For example, Frost Nyc has a wide range of gold jewelry which will help give you an urban look. And going for gold also looks expensive so it will look like you have spent loads on your jewelry. Remember to not wear too much gold at once. Just opt for a necklace or earrings to keep your look on point this season!

Add some distressed jeans

Another popular item which will add some edge to your outfit is some distressed jeans. They have become such a hot choice for girls around the world over the last year. And alongside your crop top and sneakers, you will look bang on trend when it comes to wearing these. They ooze edgy and style and will definitely turn heads. You should opt for a light blue which will be perfect to wear during the summer months. And whichever brand you buy them from, make sure they fit well on your body shape. After all, you don’t want jeans which are uncomfortable to wear as they are too tight or large!


Go for a cool pair of shades

Nothing says cool than a great pair of sunnies. And thankfully, we are headed into the right time to wear them. After all, the sun is slowly showing it’s face which means we can finally get our sunglasses out of the draw. And if you go for a black pair of shades, they will look fantastic with your crop top and jeans. You will also definitely look cool with these on while you are out and about. Here is some help picking the right shades to complete your look.

                           Image from Pexels

And as a final touch, you might want to opt for a funky leather jacket. After all, throw it over your shoulders, and you will definitely look cool when you head out!

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