11 Things You Need To Do To Get Great Skin. Number 5 Will Shock You!

Some people think that having good skin a matter of genetics. You are either born with, or you’re not. But your genes only plays some much of a part in the condition of your skin and how young it looks. There are actually loads of external factors that make a difference to your skin too. That means that there are plenty of ways that we can improve the health of our skin. Read on to find out what they are.


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Cleanse, Tone, And Moisturize

So the big three of skincare should not be ignored! Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are something that should form the basis of any skincare routine. This is because they deal not only with removing things that shouldn’t be on your face like dirt and makeup through the cleansing step. But they also deal with closing the pores back up and nourishing the skin to ensure it stays bright and healthy looking.

Wash Your Face

This might seem like basic common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people skip this step. Just like the rest of your body, your face needs to be washed regularly, even if you are using cleanser as a later step. However, it is best to stay away from soap as this can disrupt the PH level in your skin and cause dryness and tightness.

It is best to pick a gentle face wash. Foaming ones work well. But only use an exfoliating formula once or twice a week. As it strips of too many layers of skin if used daily. Which can result in a ruddy shiny complexion.

Don’t forget to use a cloth to rinse your face either. Something soft works well. Bamboo ones are popular at the moment. Just make sure that you use upwards movements. You don’t want to gravity any more help now do you?

Use An SPF

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and you will see it on products that help defend your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. There is two type of ray that can cause skin damage, UVA, and UVB.


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It was once thought that is was just UVB light that could cause problems. But this has recently been disproved. In fact, UVA light penetrates deeper into the skin, and while UVB radiation is responsible for sunburn, UVA is linked to premature aging. Something that those looking for great skin need to avoid like the plague!

Of course, both types of UV light are linked to the development of skin cancers. In fact, if you see tanning for what it is, the skins’ attempt to stop anymore DNA damage, then having the golden glow seem a bit less appealing, doesn’t it?

Remove Your Makeup

This is a biggie! Makeup is designed to smooth out imperfections and can be used to great effect to improve the look of your face. But if you don’t take it off at night you are storing up major problems for yourself.

Not only does it block pores, meaning that your skin can’t breathe and refresh overnight. It also holds a layer of dirt and grime that you have collected during the day, right against your face. This makes blemishes much more likely.

If possible try and have a least one day a week when you go makeup free too. This means you face get’s a chance to air, rather than always being suffocated by a thick makeup layer.

Don’t Touch Your Face!

This is the shocking one! Did you know that there are over 4000 type of bacteria on the human hand at any one time? Gross right!

So what happens when you touch your hand to your face? Well, some of that icky stuff get transferred onto your skin and can start causes problems. You want to limit the number of bacteria on your face as they can quickly increase the likelihood of breakouts and blemishes.

It’s also a good idea to limit the number of time you touch your face because pulling at the face for washing or applying makeup can encourage wrinkles.

Add Night Cream To Your Routine

What many people fail to realize is that the skin on you face repairs itself at night. During sleep, the body produces fewer stress hormones like cortisol. Which can cause stretch marks, thinning papery skin and that gray tone.

It also increases the production of melatonin which is great for your skin. It works like an antioxidant catching all the free radicals that can do damage to skin cells, so it helps to minimize fine lines and dark spots. In fact, it is so effective for skin repair, that some people take melatonin supplements to help them get a better quality night’s sleep.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes


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Something that can have a huge effect on our skin that we so often forget is to clean our makeup brushes. Most of us know that to get an Instagram-ready look we need to use specialized designed brushes and sponges.

There certainly make applying foundation easier and can help with cutting those contours into the right place. But the downside to this is that often we are leaving damp brushes that have been in contact with the product, and our skin, overnight to use again. Repeat this for even a week, and you have 7 days worth of bacteria, grease, and makeup on your brush. Probably don’t fancy using it right now, do you?

Happily, there is something you can do about this. The first thing is to make sure that you regularly wash your brushes out.



Some folks recommend Shampoo for this task, as it cut through the grease. Others prefer a special makeup brush cleaning liquid with antibacterial qualities.  You can even get rubberized pads that you can run your brushes across. This helps to displace all that foundation that is stuck deep inside. It also assists in getting a good foam from the cleanser. Making your cleaning much more effective.

Of course, it all that sounds like a lot of work, then you can treat yourself to an automatized brush cleaner. This will do the deed for you, leaving your free to do something a bit more interesting or exciting with your time. Netflix anyone?

Whichever way you clean your burners make sure you put them in a pot handle first to air dry before using them on you face.

Consider Some Additional Help

There are, of course, addition options for people that are looking to improve the look and feel of their skin. Some people swear by regular facial treatments at their beauticians, which keep their skin taut and youthful looking.

Others choose chemical face peels or things like laser skin resurfacing and tightening. Which are designed to reveal the new, smoother skin underneath the first layer.

A more extreme method is to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. These can include procedures on the chin, forehead, cheeks, nose and eyes. The most popular plastic surgery by far is the Rhytidoplasty or face life which is designed to lift sagging skin and minimize wrinkles.

As with any surgical procedure, if you decide to follow this route you need to go for a consultation beforehand. Then you will be aware of what the procedure entails, the cost and the time it will take to recover.

Change Your Pillow Regularly



Another way that dirt and bacteria can get onto your face and have a negative effect on our skin is via our pillow and pillowcase at bedtime. It is worthwhile changing your pillowcase regularly, at least once a week or more if you have an issue with blemishes or oiling skin.

It is also important to remember that your pillow themselves should regularly be changed too. Or at least laundered to stop bacteria and allergens being locked in there.

Use Specialist Products

It is vital that you pick the right products for your skin type. Cleansers should be strong enough to remove dirt and buildup as well as makeup but not so harsh that they sting the skin. Only those with particular greasy skin should plump for an astringent cleanser.

When picking your toner, you need to decide what task you want it to perform. Some are moisturizing which are great for older or dry skins. Others are refreshing which works well for a younger more robust skin type.

You can choose to use expensive high-end products or cheaper ones for you cleaning and toning step. But don’t skimp when it come to your moisturizer. This is like food for your skin, so you want to get the best you can afford. Opt for formulas with added vitamins to give you skin a boost and keep it looking healthy and bright.

Look After Your Eye Area

The skin around your eyes is particularly delicate and prone to wrinkling. This can be a major problem if you are a fan of heavy eyeshadows and eyeliner, especially when it comes to taking it off. This is not an area that you want to be scrubbing!


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If you are looking for a way of removing your eye makeup and moisturizing at the same time why not try plain and simple baby oil? This will literally cut through the most long wear of products and will ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out or become paper like in that area.

Or, you can use a specialist eye makeup remover which should make shifting even the darkest eyeliner flick easier. Or how about mascara that comes off with just hot water like Rimmel’s new product?

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